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Pat & Colleen Tessaro
Welcomes You and your family to our farm

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Fri. 6-9pm.
Sat. 2-9pm.
Sun. 12 noon- 6pm.

Our Farm

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Motion and Force 


We are excited about bringing our Motion and Force program to your school or learning center. 

 Motion and force make the world go around.  Students explore motion and force through the use of magnets.  Studennts will learn what materials magnets are made of and what materials they are attracted to.  Through hands on study students learn about north and south poles and how they repel and attract each other.  Students are introduced to Nikola Tesla the scientist who built the firs generating staion in all the world.  It was a great day in Niagara Falls in 1895 to get the first power station.






Green Mountain Farm ● 454 Third Road East ● Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J 2X8


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